one second every day – september 2017

November is already here and I have some catching up to do. September flew by. I was really concentrated on my new job, which has me spending some time on trains, buses metro. It takes up a big part of my life theses days, but I cannot film any of it on my 1s videos.

I go to Geneva twice a week, every week, and even though I haven’t really had the time to roam towards the old city and visit some of the neighbourhoods I like the most, I like the buzz that the city has and all the different people I see. It is definitely different from Lausanne and it inspires me.

There is a Japanese supermarket right behind where I work, so my sushi cravings have been well taken care of. All those Japanese ingredients spark my curiosity and it’s been fun to discover some of them and a different culinary culture.

Speaking of culinary culture… moelas. When z’s mum came to visit us, she gave me her recipe (or her modus operandi) and, good pupil as I am, I took notes. They are delicious. Infallible.

My sister went back home after a few months here – she will be back soon though! Autumn creeped in and we polished off the beautiful hiking season with an amazing hike on one of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland.

Looking back, I am quite happy about how the month went by, as I have been working a lot in a few different jobs and haven’t had that much free time. I guess that it is when you have less time that you actually make the most of it…


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