one second every day – october 2017

Here is October. The month flew by and I was mostly absorbed by work. I forgot to film quite often, but it was a good month.

It was sunny most of the time and, while the cold crept in slowly, we were gifted with beautiful, golden afternoons to match the leaves on the trees.

The month started off with a classic Swiss race: a 17.17km run from the lake-side town of Morat, up to the city of Fribourg. It was a tough race, mostly uphill, but the countryside part of it was so pleasant, with many spectators cheering us on with cowbells, music bands playing, a bit of sun to keep us happy.

In the end of a month there was a half-marathon, in which I didn’t enjoy myself at all. Cheers for the yarn-bombing on the trees in the village where the departure was though. I suffered so much in this race and was pretty bummed with myself, so I have been trying to push myself a little while training after that. I even found myself running by myself by the lake one cold and rainy Sunday MORNING!

There was also a little trip up to Alsace to celebrate Zs birthday. I forgot about the videos a little bit, but I kind of fell in love with the landscape, the wine, the food, the golden colours on the vineyards. We treated ourselves to an amazing culinary experience and we had a beautiful time for a few days.

Other than that, there were day trips with the kids and Z has also been adopted by them, R turned 3 and blew out the candles with his sisters. On a less positive note, I was sad and shocked by the news from Portugal and this got me thinking quite a bit.


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