one second every day – november 2017

So here is the thing about these 1 second videos – you have the general feeling that the month was just “meh” and then you see a video you put together and realise there were actually quite a few memorable moments. I know. You know. That’s the whole point. But sometimes it hits home that little bit more.

So in November, besides the daily grind, there were some special moments. Beautiful autumn sunsets in Lausanne (which my camera missed for the most part, but I caught some glimpses during hurried commutes and they were glorious). We opened the Münster cheese we brought home from Alsace and it was super stinky and delicious. I tried to get out and about in some cultural activities and I saw a theremin concert (I’d never even heard about the theremin and was amazed). Not pictured, in the same evening was a series of talks about dreams in animals, in the brain and in the movies and all of it got my nerdy vein really giddy. There was a PhD defense and it is really nice to realise you have made enough friends to actually go to their PhD defenses. We say Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds in Arena de Genève (a huge concert venue) and it was one of the best concerts I ever saw. There were kids growing up and making me smile all the time, as usual. We saw friends we hadn’t seen in a long time. I tried my hand at doing something new and out of my comfort zone – watercolour painting – and it was exciting.

November ended cold and snowy and I really feel like crawling away into a warm little hiding space with knitting and movies and no real world stuff to deal with. Looking back, it is nice to find some nice memories to keep, as well as a promising start for a really snowy winter. I can’t wait to get my skis out!!


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