one second every day – february 2018

February was… eclectic!

It was a month of tying up loose ends and facing new challenges, which is pretty much the feeling I get when resuming the last two years… but this time it feels different.

I went to a psychologists’ training workshop and really loved it, I started a new job as a researcher at the hospital, I babysat, I worked as a psychologist, but also worked at the supermarket. I think eclectic really sums it up well.

I started the month really motivated to go to all the running club sessions and did for pretty much the whole month… except for the last two weeks.

There was a lot of snow, so we went skiing as much as we could and I really enjoy the feeling of whooshing down a mountain and not thinking about anything else except for how to maintain your balance at a speed which makes falling more than a little scary. Also, the views. I can’t wrap my head around how ridiculous these Alps are. We’ve been really swissing our weekends away, with weekends at cosy chalets on the mountains, raclette, laughter and good company.

We’ve also really been portuguesing a lot, but it’s not that you could even take that away from us. I made papas de sarrabulho, which of course my grandma taught me how to make, and which I make every year around this time of the year, having brought all the essential supplies in my suitcase when I came from Portugal. We had friends over to eat them with us and it always pleases me to feed friends with food from the heart, and from home. I also made feijoada later on in the month.

It was really cold for most of the month, and towards the end it got really, really, really cold, with temperatures in Lausanne hitting -10C and the unbearable bise which makes it three times harder to bear. Luckily I finished a shawl I was knitting, I blocked it and proudly wore it in those chilly days.

Also, I went to the cinema by myself for the first time ever. I do not know why I have only done this now, but I’m a fan.


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