one second every day – march 2018

March is long gone and Spring has definitely moved in around here. I almost forget how cold the first days of March were, so it is amusing to look back. In those days, there were huge amounts of snowfall, even in the city, where snow doesn’t stay for long. We were weary of the long, cold winter, but all this snow made it a little more soothing, but also funny because the internet started showing up people skiing down a street and into a café or snowboarding down some of the hills Lausanne was famous for. Personally, I was glad to survive the icy days without slipping on black ice and breaking something.

All this snow brought on some magnificent skiing days with our favourite Swiss family and their kids up in the snowed-in mountains. Glorious days, skiing all day, skiing into the little cottage to sleep, skiing down to the lift and back up again to ski time and time again.

Early signs of Spring brought sunshine to the city after all that snow. There was so much work during March (yes!! definitely a good thing!!) but I was thankful for a few minutes that I could grab here and there to take in the view over the lake and the mountains or to walk down into the city in the evening light. I am surprised at how much this city has grown on me in the last year and even more when I realise that these views now feel like a part of home.

There were new work colleagues and new work challenges at the new job, celebrating life moments with my other colleagues at my other job, funny work moments, and lots of improvising. The messy table full of toys is actually how my desk looks like after an afternoon full of sessions and I love that I get to be creative while also being rigorous about the objectives that I have to work with.

Towards the end of the month there was another huge snowfall, and I was up high in the Alps to see it tumble down and cover Kandersteg in a knee-deep blanket when all the winter’s snow had already melted away. My sister arrived from 2 months volunteering with refugees in Greece and settled into the quaint little village for a whole year.

Running became a little bit more comfortable with the temperatures coming up and we tried to keep up the training rhythm for upcoming races. We are lucky to be a part of a very nice running club that trains up in the forest. Sometimes we train down in the city; in one of those practices we ran up the 177 escaliers du marché 10 times. In the end, the president of the club gave us Rivella and pats on the back.

The last days of March took us on a little trip to Cinque Terre. We left Tobias (the cat) in a hotel for cats for his holidays and headed off to the Italian coast, where we sniffed in the ocean breeze, walked the first hikes of the year, took in the breathtaking view, and ate and drank to our delight!

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