running log


I re-read Running like a girl this week. I read it years ago, when I was thinking about starting to run and it encouraged me quite a lot. Inspired by the author’s father’s advice, I’ve decided to keep a running log.

Today was a gentle run. It is Thursday, but holiday in Switzerland. Woke up late, spent the morning in lazy mode at home. After paying bills, finally put the running shoes on and went out for the default run just to keep up the rhythm from the last weeks. I took it really easy because yesterday I felt a twinge in my quads while kneeling down during work and because we’re have a long rough run on Saturday. The first 2km until I warm up are always a little meh but then got into a nice pace, very comfortable. The lake was empty, the weather was cool. No rain, though. Ran up vallée de la jeunesse without any difficulty. This is a sweet little hill which normally gets my heart rate up and is always a good indicator of my level of fitness. Had a weird pressure feeling on my nose. Right thigh complained a little, but I rolled it out after stretching with Adrienne.

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