running log #7

Today’s run nearly didn’t happen.

As a very unnatural runner, I set myself up to avoid having the slightest excuse to skip a run.

So, I signed up for a running club, I prepare my running gear in advance, I ask for lifts the night before, I plan runs with the boy. Even these running logs keep me motivated – if I don’t run, I can’t write about it and I’ve been enjoying that.

Today, it was running club day. However, all my lifts were unavailable. There was a busy day to get through. Plenty of excuses for not running. Nonetheless, I stuffed my trainers in my rucksack and told myself I would figure it out.

After work, I got the boy to mind my bags at the music school he’d be playing in the evening and headed out through Lausanne city centre.

I ran down to the lake, making up my way as I went along, through streets I don’t normally pass. There were parks full of people enjoying the afternoon sun, terraces full of apéro-goers, Lausannoise going home from work. I ran by the lake, stopping to take pictures because it is always beautiful.

Then, I started climbing back from the lake, up to the starting point. Running uphill in Lausanne is a challenge, but I cheered myself on, watching my heart rate go up and knowing it would be over soon.

In the end, it was a lovely run, with a bit of everything. Not long, but enough for me to feel pleased with myself and to happily join friends for dinner before Z’s concert.

The good thing about running is this: you just need your gear and you’re set to go just about anywhere!

  • Pleasure: 6/10
  • Pain: 2/10
  • Number of times I thought “is this over yet?”: 2
  • Motivation: 6/10

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