running log #9

It was so hard to leave the house today! It was pouring outside, there was laundry to do, fruit and veg basket to sort out, a long day to wrap up… I stood for 5 minutes at the window, watching the rain fall and deciding if and where I was going.

I drove down to the lake and decided to run for 20 minutes and head back. There is a race on Saturday, so no point in overdoing it (convenient).

Those 20 minutes were long. There was nobody at the lake. I ran. Looked at the watch, negotiated with myself, looked at the watch again. Gave myself permission to take pictures when I hit 20 min. Realised I had a stomach cramp which I haven’t had for ages. Didn’t feel tired, just unmotivated.

At 20 min, I stopped.

There was a sun setting. And a rainbow.

And then I was good. My motivation came back, a little energy too. I had decided to do some accelerations, which are good for short runs before races, so I hit those. I pushed myself, because there is no point in doing these if I don’t get my HR to rise significantly. Time passed by quickly, and I was soon back at the car, glad I came out and satisfied with my “bipolar” run at the end of the day.

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