running log #11

Back to Tuesdays with the club. I’d missed the last two Tuesdays because of life stuff, and I was happy to see everyone again.

We started off slowly, chatting. I’d had a long day, as is often the case on Tuesdays and I was tired. I distracted myself by chatting with the people in my group. I noticed that though I was feeling tired, my heart rate was quite low, which is what happens when I am actually, truly, fatigued. It takes double the effort to get the heart rate to working mode.

So, off we went, through the forest. Raymond, the president of the running club, has been setting up a trail route in the forest and we tried it out. We crossed a river, then a steep climb in which we mostly walked, and a fast run down to starting point.

By now, I’m feeling energised, so the way back through the forest to the meeting point was much lighter.

  • Pain: 2/10
  • Fatigue: 6/10
  • Number of times I thought “is this over yet?”: 1
  • Scenery: 8/10

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