running log #14

Sweet little run through the forest, alone. I am trying to fit in more and longer runs alone. Running with people and in a group is nice, but I’ve come to realise that it is also an avoidance strategy. Long runs on your own are harder because you not only have to run, but you also have to deal with your mind. And your mind can sometimes bring you down faster than your legs. Most of the time, actually.

Yesterday I chose to go to the forest at Chalet à Gobet, just north of Lausanne. It has a 12km Helsana trail winding through pine trees and pastures which are really green and leafy at this time of the year.

I started off light and breezy. Even though I like to run without phones and listen to the sounds of nature, I wasn’t up for the full alone experience and listened to a podcast to help busy my mind a little.

I crossed donkeys, birds and even two doe who swiftly crossed the path just in front of me. The trail went uphill in some places, downhill in others and I felt good most of the time.

However, after 6km, my right thigh started seizing up while running uphill. At 8km, I had a stomach cramp which was probably related with some abusive cherry eating just before my run. I slowed down for a few metres and then it was fine.

I ended fast, feeling good albeit a little cold. The aim now is to increase mileage while running alone.

Something I’ve noticed is that my HR is substantially lower on an equal subjective experience of effort. I wonder if it is the effect of training, the magnesium I’ve been taking or my polar which needs new batteries.

  • Pain: 5/10
  • Fatigue: 3/10
  • Scenery: 9/10
  • Number of times I thought “is this over yet”: 0
  • Feeling swift: 6/10

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