running log #15

I lost my rhythm for a week. We had visitors, we went to a marriage im the weekend, there were world cup matches… bref, priorités. Not that much running. In the meanwhile, the running club had a summer camp, so that when Tuesday came, and everyone was recovering from one thing or other.

This session was a really gentle run through the forest. A little too soft (I did not have 50+km on my legs from the weekend). However, I’d been having bladder issues since the beginning of the week (which, later in the evening, landed me in the emergency room), so it wasn’t so bad that we took it easy.

So, that was it, basically. A sweet, soft run through the forest. There was chatting. There was time to appreciate the late afternoon sun shining through the leaves. At some point, we even had to run on our toes to dodge hundreds of baby frogs that were jumping around!

  • Pain (bladder) 7/10
  • Scenery: 9/10
  • Training benefit: always better than 0!

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