running log #16

After a week under the side-effects of antibiotics, a lot of work and lack of sleep, deciding to go out running was really not on the top 5 of things I felt most like doing.

However, we know that once that barrier is won, we always feel bettet after a nice run. Knowing that just under an hour’s drive we can find very sweet landscapes to run in helps.

We headed out from the little village of le Pont, on the shores of Lac de Joux, following this hiking suggestion. When we started running, it seems like my legs and the whole of my lazy body started screaming “What are you dooooooing?!”. When we started climbing uphill, it just got worse. So we hiked as fast as we could be motivated to do. I took pictures. We chatted. Sometimes, we ran. Others, we hiked really fast to get the HR up.

After a little while, we arrived at Dent de Vaulion. From there, we could see the Gros de Vaud to the East and the Vallée de Joux with its beautiful lake to the South.

We headed down, running swiftly and with much more energy than in the beginning. We ran through the cool, green, leafy forest, tackling stones and tree roots all along the way. I like this kind of path because you are always focusing on what you are doing and can’t afford to be distracted with anything else.

After the forest, we ran back through the fields of grazing cows, with their bells dingling in harmony to the end of the afternoon sun.

  • Pain: 4/10
  • Number of times I thought “is this over yet?”: 10000 in the beginning
  • Landscape: 9/10
  • Gratefulness for kicking our bums out of the house: 10/10

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