running log #17

Aaaaah these last weeks before the holidays are really kicking me in the shins. With a runny nose, a prickly throat and not to mention how many hours sleep I wouldn’t mind having these days, I started off sluggish on today’s run. Thankfully, I had my running club friends to chat with.

We headed out through the forest for the usual warm-up. On climbs, my legs felt a little heavy from Sunday’s hills.

We stopped at 5km to do some exercises. Then, we did some accelerations, or cartouches as we call them:

  • 5 times 50m sprint with alternated slow jogging
  • 5 times 50m sprint from standing start
  • 5 times 50m sprint uphill

And then slow run back to the starting point.

Though I started off sluggish, the accelerations are fun and we all pretend we’re in a race. In the end, I’m all worked up and energised and when we get back to the regular run, I feel like I could still run for a while.

  • Pain: 3/10
  • Fatigue: 8/10
  • Fun: 7/10
  • Number of times I thought “is this over yet”: 5000 (before the sprints)

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