running log #19

I am in Japan! Freshly arrived, with two ambitious pairs of running shoes in my suitcase, I was wondering if and when I would have the courage to go on a run. After all, I’m on holidays, so hanging out with my mates and eating weird, delicious new things is a lot more fun.

However, tired from all the walking and visiting in the rain, my two mates headed home to relax before dinner and I tried not to think too much when lacing up the trainers.

I headed out into the street and… it started pouring down. There is a huge storm in Kyoto, and local people are facing landslides and evacuation all over the hills surrounding the city. Apparently, I was the only crazy tourist who, being used to winter running through the forest back in Switzerland, throught that running was a sensible activity to do.

So, I went to the Kyoto Imperial Palace Gardens and did a few laps. I felt light and energetic, no pain from Sunday’s race and, apart from the start, no signs of jet lag.

After a tour of the Imperial Palace, I still felt like running, so I ran across a few more streets and ran around Nijo Castle, which was closed.

This is the first time I am running while travelling and I really enjoyed how you can breeze through the streets, crossing people and places on their busy daily life, passing by sightseeing spots, but also crossing local, hidden streets where life happens.

I saw workers going home from work, tourists leaving the castle, restaurants setting up for dinner, people having drinks, people getting soaked by passing traffic,… in such a new place where I don’t even understand what is written on the signposts, I spent most of my run just looking, observing, processing.

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