one second every day – may 2018

I am very much behind on my 1 second every day videos, but I haven’t given up. Here is May!

May was when Spring finally arrived. There was a lot of running with comfortable temperatures and even with all the rain that poured down in the end of the month. There was a garden party, spring cleaning, visiting friends and a lot of work. I went running with my next door neighbour and it was fun. We never stopped visiting the kids, who are bigger and bigger each time we see them.

In the end of May, I went to Kandersteg for one last meeting in a scout related function. It seems that it is time to wrap up my scouting activities for a while and focus on other things. It was a nice weekend, though, reliving some memories and seeing some people from home, including my baby sister, who is now volunteering at KISC for a while.

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