one second every day – august 2018

Looking back at August, it seems that I spent most of the month outdoors.

Unfortunately, I lost track of my running logs. I didn’t get around to writing about our running adventure on the 1st of August (maybe I’ll get around to it eventually) and then things just slipped from there. Now, I realise that I actually spent most of the time living it all up, and how wonderful that month was.

After work, we went swimming in the lake as often as we coud. In the weekends, we went training in the mountains. On one particular weekend, I went volunteering in Kandersteg and took a little break to go and run Sierre-Zinal, a 31km race with a view over five 4000ers. I might write about it some time, but just to mention that it was the most spectacular thing I ran this year. I was so proud of myself that I lost all humility for the weeks that followed, and loved every second of watching Swiss (and non-Swiss) peoples faces when I told them I’d ran that race.

There were friends, birthdays, some special days with the kids (and I even babysat for them for old times’ sake), birthday parties, picnics, and overall a beautiful month spent mostly outside. If July was good because of all the exploring, August was probably one of my favourite months here in Lausanne.

Towards the end of the month, work started picking up at a faster rate and went into cruising mode until the end of the year.



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