one second every day – july 2018

July was… crazy!

It started off with the Montreux-Les Rochers de Naye race. You can read about it here.

Then, I packed my bags and flew off to Japan to meet my mates. We had fun times together, as a group of three, then just two of us, and then by myself for a few days. It was a special trip because of the friends’ gathering, but also because of travelling alone. It’s been something that I’ve enjoyed doing sporadically and randomly, and even though I have never been on a big trip by myself, I feel that it’s something that might come up in future lists.

Then, back from Japan for a few days and straight to Portugal, where I started off by running this with my brother and one of my very old friends. I took the time to see my friends, I even went to the beach with Jo (sadly, it was too cold to go in the sea, but those sardines are one of the happiest memories of 2019). On my last day, I went on a morning hike with P & N and their dog, Zeca.

Then, back to Switzerland I came, with a happy ending to a beautiful month exploring, eating and being with people I love!



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