one second every day – november 2018

Poor month of November. I forgot to log half of the month and it wasn’t really the best month of the year, truth be told.

However, there were some nice moments. There would’ve probably been more had I remembered to log them.

There were a lot of cat moments: cat crying because he heard and old cat-friend meowing in a video. Cat and knitting on the sofa (I cast on and unravelled a sweatshirt 3 or 4 times in November). There was a bit of running, even though motivation was a little low.

I was sick for a few days and medication left me feeling blah. Towards the end of the month, things started picking up a little and there were birthday parties, a concert with a very enthusiastic headbanging mother of a band member, little C’s first violin audition and a trip to France.




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