one second every day – october 2018

In October, Autumn settled in with rainy and colder days. Soup came up on the menu, and I started a lunch tradition with a friend that I met here.

I had to go back to Portugal because my grandmother passed away. Even though the reason was sad, I got to know my family history better, I spent a lot of time with my grandfather and even got to see my friends. My aunt’s dog was especially happy to see me, and that is her whining behind the closed door when she realised I was coming.

Little R had his 4th birthday and I realised that I know him for more than half is life.

Mid-October, we flew to S. Miguel, Azores for the first time, and fell in love with the island. In the next years, we are eager to get to know all the other islands.

In October, I forgot to log many days because I was just lagging behind so much. Not having done it, I realised how I missed having that log and promised myself that I would try to bring the habit back, even if I wavered a little.




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