Social distancing, Week 1

JO_LacdeJouxLac de Joux, Switzerland / February 2020

I am in the lucky group of people who get to enjoy this peculiar period of social distancing. Up until now, we’ve been healthy, no one we know is seriously ill and we only had to re-organise our everyday lives a little. We definitely do not take that for granted.

I’ve been using all this extra time at home to slowly catch up with my admin, taxes, organising and cleaning (blah!), but also with some little projects, such as learning to edit photographs, organising my pictures from the last years, doing some online courses and reading. Maybe we will stay in this quarantine condition long enough to form some benefic habits.

In the first week, I spent most of the time trying to get into some kind of routine, especially with having to work from home.

There was some anxiety about the virus and about how it could affect us. I can be a little hypochondriac, so I cut back on the time I spent reading news stories and data charts.

We live in a place where we can walk for miles with lots of open fields and crossing very few people, so we’ve been going on long walks with the baby. I’ve restarted running, very gently and gradually building up time spent running vs. time spent walking.

I’ve cooked: pizza made from scratch, bread, feijoada, queijadas de leite, homemade nutella, shortbread, lemon cake, pataniscas, pancakes,… and I’m making a list of recipes we can cook from cookbooks in the following weeks (being particularly careful planning meals and saving as many trips to the grocery store, of course).

Last week was Z’s first father’s day and we’ve spent the last few days watching baby learn how to crawl. Spending more time with her is definitely the best thing about this quarantine.

How lucky we are.

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