Les Diablerets – Villars-sur-Ollon

Hiking. Saying that it is one of the things I most like to do makes it seem bland. It’s something I need, something I crave. This year seems to be the year that I have hiked less than in many years, and probably needed it more. There was a pandemic, and out of respect for the whole situation, we avoided activities that put us at risk of being injured. There was a baby, who we did hike with, but who has needs that don’t fit with the kind of leg-stretching, head-clearing, high-sights hikes that I love to do. I have happily adjusted my expectations because a baby is only a small baby once in a lifetime. But still, I was craving a hiking day without nappy changes, regular feedings and baby-amusing stops.

So I took a day off. I took the train from Lausanne to Les Diablerets, which in itself is a very beautiful experience, with Autumn colours settling into the hundreds of thousands of trees that weave into the background and make it seem like a tapestry. I started walking from Les Diablerets and the first kilometres are just hiking up through the woods. It was pretty, but I avoided spending too much time on pictures, knowing that I would want to spend more time soaking in the view at the top. My legs were heavy. My physical condition is weaker than it has been for a few years. Hiking up, I needed to concentrate on my breathing. Silence follows you when you walk alone. I heard, and then saw a woodpecker.

Getting to the top, near Col de la Croix, I was rewarded with this view. It’s a classical Swiss Alp experience when you hike up, get near the top, and the view slaps you in the face with a dramatic mountain covered in snow. Sometimes, it’s even irritating, as when something is so perfect it almost tickles your nerves. Sometimes, it even makes me miss the rough, crude patches of granite from back home even more. But it always leaves me speechless and I might even swear a little.

These Alps provide very classy lunchspots.

Hiking up some more, the view is even more astounding. You can see Alps for miles. I have fun trying to name the peaks, and I know quite a few without having to look at PeakFinder. Knowing my peaks is comforting. I am not sure I can explain it, it just is. In the picture above, you can see the Mont Blanc in the background, and the Dents du Midi just in the centre. Then I crossed over to the other side of the mountain, and there was snow and a lot of slippery mud. I fell on my backside because I was trying to save the time I had been gawking at the mountains by running a little. People were watching and I felt goofy, of course.

The hike led me to Lac des Chavonnes. On this side of the hike there were many families, making the most of a beautiful Autumn day. I hastened my step so I could catch the train home in time for baby O.’s bedtime.

Back into the woods with the Scex Rouge (if I’m not mistaken) and Sommet des Diablerets peaking at me.

This hike is one of the stages of the Tour des Alpes Vaudoises.

Distance: 18km, 1100m up, 1000m down and here it is on Strava.

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    1. Ooooh!! 😘😘 estou a tentar ser melhor a guardar certos registos! Sobretudo os bons. Quando vieres cá, vamos ver Alpes!


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