Quick lunch: Roasted cauliflower and pasta

I’ve been in a meal rut in the last few weeks. It is inversely proportional to my baking mojo, which has been riding high. As we now have less time to improvise, meal planning is becoming serious business at our house. But. When it’s time to plan the meals for the upcoming week and the shopping list for them, I go *blank*.

Then, sometimes Z. suggests something that I haven’t cooked for ages and have completely forgotten about. Or I find something lost and lonely in my fridge and end up building a meal around that. This was the case today.

To help my meal rut, I’ve decided to keep track of quick meals we whip up, some staples that I cook over and over and are winners at our house, and whatever I feel like I want to remember. Like that, some lunches that are improvised from lonely vegetables in my fridge might end up being on the planned list for the week.

For lunch today, I made some roasted cauliflower pasta. Easy peasy, approved by O.

  • I chopped a whole cauliflower into small florets, tossed them with olive oil, salt and paprika and added two chopped garlic cloves. I put everything in a tray and in the oven at 180°C-200°C until the cauliflower was cooked (golden but not charred). Around 40 min? I don’t know, I go by feeling and taste.
  • Cooked some ordinary wholemeal penne.
  • Put some almonds in the oven to roast but forgot about them.
  • Chopped some parsley, added some tinned mackerel and put everything together.

Some variations I thought would be nice to tray:

  • Remember the almonds. They would’ve been a really nice addition. Or walnuts.
  • Goat cheese.
  • Capers.
  • White beans instead of mackerel.
  • Chopped spinach leaves or rocket (depending on the season) instead of parsley.
  • Soft-boiled egg on top, of course.

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