Snowshoeing: Rathvel

January and the most part of February were long, grey and as dreary as endless, cold winter days can get. When some sunny days came up as a surprise on the weather forecast, we headed for the mountains. In the weekend, some gentle hikes with the not-so-baby-anymore in the backpack, letting her walk and explore the snow. But one day, during the week, I took the day off from work and headed to the mountains for a real hike, with some other friends who are also parents and know how precious a day like this is.

I’m almost ashamed to admit that, having lived in Switzerland for five years, this was my first time snowshoeing. Getting used to the snowshoes is very easy and it’s very pleasant to walk on the snow and especially to make your way up the hills without slipping.

We chose a nice, slightly challenging, but not too long hike in a place not far from home – les Paccots, in the Prealps. We started off climbing, coming down again and crossing the road to head off into the forest and then across some ski pistes. After this, there was a sustained climb until the top of the Niremont, from where we could see the Moléson and the Alps in the background.

Here, we settled for lunch.

A very nice fondue, with some wine from the region and a good conversation, while stocking up on much missed sunshine.

After that, a quickly paced walk down the mountain, heading back just in time for a quick shower and picking up our not-so-babies-anymore from the crèche.

Perfect day!

Hike: Snowshoe path Rathvel (nr. 7) at Les Paccots. My walk on Strava.

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