Mont Pélerin

Sunday’s outing took us to Mont Pélerin, just above Vevey. We went by train, bus and then the funiculaire that takes you up to the starting point of the hike. This was definitely the best part for the three toddlers who were tagging along.

Mont Pélerin is supposed to be an easy family hike. From Easter onwards, you can go up to the TV tower, which apparently has a lift, and from there you can see some incredible views. But it’s not Easter. It’s supposedly Spring, but here… not quite.

After a small walk up the road, we headed off into the forest, which was still full of snow. With three toddlers in backpacks, this turned into a very slow walk up, trying not to slip on ice and trying to manage the cold.

It is easy to forget, when you are walking and begin to warm up, that the toddler in your backpack is not walking and will eventually get colder faster than you do. So, we loose a lot of time during our walks being vigilant that this is not happening. And, when we got to a part near the summit of Mont Pélerin where the bise lifted and it felt like we were in Apúlia, but in a below zero °C version, where it’s the icy bits of snow that prick your face instead of the sand, the babies started screaming and we turned around.

We headed back down into the forest.

And back to the top of the funiculaire, where there is a playground with a magnificent view, where the kids could play and we could all picnic.

Playgrounds are a key element when organising outings with toddlers. And if there is a view, it’s definitely going in my list of favourites!

The hike can be found here.

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