This week [15.10-21.10]

It was a sunny Autumn week this one, so there are plenty of outdoors highlights! Yay!

Starting with a day off at the end of last week to hike a little and eat a fondue in the mountains. Some people thought it was hilarious that we took the caquelon in our backpack instead of a few sandwiches, but not carrying a 13kg Toddler in the backpack had us feeling quite luxurious.

I’m trying to ease back into running a little more, and I enjoy the afternoon runs with Toddler and Z pedalling along. On this particular run, there were some nice hills to climb and a stop at the park. On the return, Toddler asked to run as well and ended up running her first 500m. We were gifted with a beautiful sunset.

The Lavaux never gets old, especially during bright, sunny days. We held a picnic with some friends and walked for a little stretch through the vines. We have been here countless times, but we have never, ever walked this hike from one end to the other, for several reasons, ranging from wine sipping, to pregnancy, babies, toddlers and visitors not suited to big hikes… but we love to come back each time and see how the views change with the seasons.

With the beginning of the week came a huge cold, which hit the Toddler first, then me. Thankfully, I have not lost the sense of taste, so I could enjoy the pasta bake I made earlier in the week, the papas de sarrabulho and Almendrados my parents brought with them, and the nice meals we are making for them, including the unmissable papet vaudois and choucroute garnie.

I went to the cinema for the first time in 2.5 to see the new James Bond. I am not exactly a huge JB fan, but my friend who challenged me is, so I happily joined her for a Monday evening film with popcorn. I was disappointed with the film, which was definitely not the best JB and especially with the ending, but happy for the evening off!

With my parents here, the Toddler is chirpy and on her best behaviour and it is a joy to see her talking her head off, playing with her grandparents, showing off all her toys and enjoying having all the attention.

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