Trou à l’Ours

Hello, Alps!

This week we took a day off from work, left The Toddler in the crèche, and headed off to the mountains for a short, but gorgeous hike. We had decided to go and discover the Vallon de Nant, which is not very far from where we live, but was one of our blind spots. It was worth it, because it is absolutely beautiful.

We had two hiking options: the first one was the Trou à l’Ours hike. The second option would be to extend the ascent and go up to Pointe des Savolaires, both hikes taking us down to Vallon de Nant and back. With the morning routines, drive, and Z’s heels still healing from last week’s trail, and the time-limit for crèche pick-up, there was no doubt that we only had time to do the shorter hike… meaning that the hike would not be challenging like in the old days, but we did have time to enjoy our fondue and a little wine after the short climb. We did not complain.

The descent to Vallon de Nant took us through the Trou à l’Ours (English translation: bear’s hole), a hole in the rocks through which we had to climb.

In the end, what really made my day was not just the hike, the fondue, the time to talk with Z without being interrupted or constantly distracted by Toddler attention requests and needs, but especially the impact of the Grand Muveran, when we were walking parallel to it. I cannot explain the profound impact these mountain dimensions have on me. The Tour des Muverans is definitely up on my wishlist.

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