This week [22.10-28.10]

This week just flew by. I had a huge cold and felt very tired, sleepy, just bleh. For half of the week, I catsat for a friend who has a white, deaf cat named Darwin, who likes to drink water from a tap.

The grandparents were here for a few days and we let them have as much Toddler time as possible. We took them around a few classicToddler-friendly places, including Sauvabelin and Signal de Bougy. Toddler climbed all the stairs of Sauvabelin Tower on her own. Later that day she went to her first birthday party and discovered Smarties. The look on her face was priceless.

Symbolic play is definitely here to stay! With legos, dolls, tractors, beans, sand, water… she keeps busy all day, with her made up or imitated routines, sometimes in Portuguese, sometimes in French.

My mum brought me some quince from Portugal, where they were abundant this year, contrarily to here. I was beginning to worry that I wouldn’t be able to keep one of my favourite Autumn traditions. They did come, and so I made some quince cheese from almost 3kg of quince, which I am happily giving away to my favourite people here.

My head was all over the place this week, so there wasn’t much reading, watching or listening worth mentioning. However, I did manage to run a bit more, one of those runs a very yummy workout at the end of the day by the lake, which made me feel good. (The outdoors pictures in this post are from the end of that run).

I had lunch twice with people I didn’t know very well, and they were both unexpectedly surprising discoveries of interesting colleagues!

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