This week [29.10-04.11]

Winter is coming. With the end of summer time, night falls very quickly at the end of the day. This is the view from my new office window. It’s basically the same from my previous office, which is next door to the new one, but I spent a few hours this week organising my new space and I very much like it.

The end of last week brought us… Halloween! At first, I was reluctant to do anything, thinking my Toddler wasn’t much into fantasy, but after some hints from my friends, I decided do bring out my abandoned sewing machine and sew a witch hat. Toddler helped me sticking the little “spider web”. The crèche organised a themed day, and I was told the Toddler wore her hat all day. We went to a little Halloween party in the village we live in, and she was scared out of her wits by a Scary Movie mask that jumped in front of her and yelled boo!

Speaking of Toddler things, I read this Quiz: Is your child two years old? and a) it made me laugh, b) check #3, check a version of #6, #7 several times a week, #10 is my favourite and definitely #13, for which my phone has giving me solid proof with its photo throwbacks.

In trying to stick to a running plan for the sake of kicking myself out the door, I did one of my favourite workouts during the weekend, with a warm-up, some cadence drills, 6x800m speed drills at quite a challenging pace, and then a cool down. This oldie kept my pace up for the last drill on a slight uphill and it was perfect. Toddler loves cycling along while I’m running, and always asks to run a little. She found a little corn-treasure and ran home with it.

Still last week, we saw a demo for a dancing academy in the street, which grabbed her attention in a way I’d never seen before. She made some moves trying to imitate them. When we got home, I showed her my all-time favourite artistic gymnastics floor routine and, since then, every evening has been dancing and doing gym moves in our living room (with a nice message to the neighbours apologizing for the house trembling as if a herd of elephants was living with us). Also, we went to the local library for the first time and it was a huge success!

Most of last week is a lot about Toddler stories, since most of my non-work related time has been doing activities with her. But the thing is – observing a Toddler building her comprehension of the world really blows my mind and it’s really, really fun (and equally frustrating at times – not to just mention the good stuff – but that’s a whole other subject).

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