This week [12.11-18.11]

This week was a whirlwind. A tornado. I know I said something similar about the last one, but this one was just the continuation of the last. And the one before that, etc. So, there was not much going on other than juggling work, childcare, chores, … and a sick child again.

Still, a few things worth mentioning.

Running has not been easy to keep up with: with almost no working from home, long workdays, pickups from childcare, evening routines and sunset at 5pm, I haven’t been able to run during the week. Still, I try to during the weekend and toddler likes to run along too. Autumn is in full boast of its colours and it’s a pleasure to run through the woods, and almost forget the lack of motivation and the fatigue from the week.

When weeks get intense like this, we have learned (the hard way) to not overbook all the weekends. Last weekend, I spent some time batch cooking for the week, and it really helps having some leftovers in the fridge, especially for the busy first three days of the week.

Last weekend I made feijoada, a favourite in this house. Other batch foods we have on heavy rotation: lentil and vegetable bolognese, spinach and salmon lasagne, butternut squash and chickpea stew (based on this recipe). Sometimes, I find myself in a rut, so I’ve been looking for recipes to add to the list.

I have been trying to increase my reading time for years. It’s always been on the top of all my to-do lists in the last decade or so, and it’s the one I’ve most failed at. So much, it will probably be my sole goal for 2022, and I have already started. I downloaded an app and started registering my efforts with one of the books I have wanted to have read for almost a decade but failed miserably.

This week, Toddler threw a major tantrum in a store. One of those tantrums where you are the parent all the other parents secretly sigh with relief that they are not in that moment. One of those tantrums where toddlers throw themselves on the floor, punch it furiously and howl… all because you did not allow them to climb up a descending escalator. I used all the skills in my possession to deal with the situation, but the one who really saved it was a very kind and funny store employee, who distracted her with a few funny faces and a ball with a pikachu keyring inside it. It feels like the positive side of major toddler meltdowns is entering a secret society made of random acts of kindness from fellow parents who know exactly where you are. And for every judging or condescending look I’ve ever received, I have received countless more winks, shrugs or sympathetic smiles saying discretely “don’t worry, you’re not alone in this, keep strong!”

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