This week [26.11-2.12]

Do not be fooled by this apple tart. It was a hopeful attempt at regaining some normality and action in the kitchen after three weekends with a sick Toddler but, alas, Dad ended up eating most of it, while Toddler and I went down with another round of stomach flu, which lasted most of the week.

Despite spending most of the week moping around the house, barely mustering enough energy to move, some things were accomplished.

The apple tart, of course, which is just a slab of puff pastry, with 5-6 finely cut apples sitting on top and enough minutes in the oven for the pastry and the apple to cook. No recipe from me, but this one here seems to be the one that comes closest (though I didn’t make the puff pastry from scratch. Remember? I have a toddler.)

Also because I have a toddler, sick days are no longer just lounging around and binging on Downton Abbey, which I might have or might not have done a tiny bit, thanks to the fact that Dad took over all the cooking, vomit cleaning, laundry washing and folding. But, unless toddlers are really, worryingly ill, they manage to keep a intriguing amount of energy and still need attention and activities when they are sick.

Our list of sick Toddler activities for this week was:

  • Hand painting
  • Making a plasticine pizza party and animals with pastry cutters
  • Putting up the Christmas tree and getting the Toddler to help with the decorations
  • Making a star for the Christmas tree by cutting out a star from a cardboard and covering it with chocolate foil
  • Dancing in pyjamas and making up silly moves (plus points for Toddler giggles)

After a week in double sick mode with a Toddler, it was refreshing to go back to normal life whilst listening to Neil Gaiman being interviewed on Desert Island Discs.

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