This week [3.12-9.12]

I have very little to say about last week, which was mostly spent back in normal routine and catching up with everything after almost a week off sick.

Most importantly, I had my booster shot in the beginning of the week. The virus is definitely not on a break around here and we are happy that we have the possibility of getting vaccinated.

I got Nigel Slater’s new book as a gift in our family Advent calendar. Growing up, we didn’t have this tradition at home, but I saw it in a family we’re friends with and since then thought we would do the same once we had children. The concept is to buy or make little symbolic gifts to open by one family member on each day of December up until Christmas day. Now, Nigel Slater’s book is not a good example of a symbolic gift, but I’m really not complaining. I’ve been reading it since I got it. The recipes are simple, to be made with good local produce and written about in a way that quite resonates with how I feel about food. Not to mention the photos, which are simply beautiful. It’s definitely one of my favourite cookbooks now.

Other than that, I spent most of my evenings making my gift for a Secret Santa exchange with friends, which has an only rule: the gifts have to be handmade. I made some wrist warmers in crochet and sewed a stuffed toy for Toddler to give to a younger baby.

During the weekend we saw some friends, who we’ve known since Z arrived in Switzerland. I babysat for their kids at the time, and now they are both grown adult men. Suffice to say, I felt a little old. Toddler even played with some books they brought up from the basement, which had a little handwritten note from me, from that time. She was mostly happy about feeding the rabbits and guinea pigs in the community garden.

Finally, it’s been really, really cold. It’s night very early, so we haven’t been spending as much time outdoors as I would like. We are now counting down the days to the holidays!

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