This week [10.12-16.12]

This one is quite late, because… life. But last week, on Friday, Suisse Romande woke up in the middle of a snowstorm. I wasn’t quite prepared for how much snow was going to fall, precisely during the crèche drop-off, and I headed out on the bike. The picture above was during the ride, which wasn’t even slippery because the snow was still soft and we were the first people to tread it. The bike ended up being the best option, even if it meant being almost blinded with large snowflakes hitting my face during most of the ride.

In the weekend it was my birthday and we celebrated in the snow, with sleds, friends and a birthday cake made by them. I also spent the afternoon making a cake for myself, and I chose Nigel Slater’s carrot cake with mascarpone and orange frosting. The recipe is in his book that I’ve been reading, but it’s also online. I tweaked the recipe a little, taking out almost half of the sugar in the cake, and making the mascarpone frosting with only mascarpone, cream cheese and grated orange peel. It’s delicious and moist, and the orange peel makes the cream really tangy and fresh. I don’t have pictures, I forgot to take any.

This week was so cold in Lausanne that, a week later, there was still a lot of snow hanging around. It was too cold to be out for long, but even so, we managed to ride on the giant wheel and see Lausanne lit up from there, and went to see some of the lights in the city.

For my birthday, I got some wireless headphones, a gift I wasn’t expecting and actually didn’t know I wanted. Three days later I managed to drop them in a sewer grate in the city centre. A few weeks after teasing J for losing hers in the bus, I was sighted looking for mine with a phone torch in a grated pit. I was lucky that a nice passer-by helped me lift the grate and jumped in himself and actually managed to find them!

It was another hell of a week workwise, but on my day off, I made some chocolate-hazelnut toffee to give to the crèche professionals that take care of our Toddler. The result was quite nice, but I have some tweaks in mind for next time, such as making a thinner layer of caramel, using really dark chocolate and chopping the hazelnuts by hand.

4 thoughts on “This week [10.12-16.12]

  1. que cena, com os phones… :S mas ainda bem que a aventura acabou em bem. há uns tempos comprei uns de €20 da xiaomi e fiquei supreendida com o quão convenientes são, tão pequeninos e sem as trapalhices dos fios!


    1. Pois é, olha… eu até era um bocadinho resistente à moda, até que me ofereceram uns. É verdade que são muito práticos e o noise cancelling é outra coisa. Pena que sejam muito fáceis de perder!


    1. Ohhh!! Vou tentar mantê-los certinhos em 2022 🙂
      Pergunto-me se devia escrever em Português… um dia a Oli se calhar vai querer ler!


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