Week 3/2022

Last week was a whopper in terms of work and more extracurricular work. It’s a busy time, and I have no pictures, except for the ones I took during our Sunday hike to Lés Pléiades. I’m sorry to not have taken pictures, because there were still some moments worth registering, at least in my memory.

One of those was a slight detour to the park just after a meeting in town. I had bought my currently favourite sandwich – a very simple small baguette with butter, ham, a cornichon, a leaf of lettuce and a slice of tomato. Nothing special, except for the quality of the ingredients which is exceptional. It hits the spot every time I eat it, which has been about once every work week since December. I even daydream about it. On my way back from this meeting, I stopped at a park bench and, despite the cold, enjoyed my sandwich while reading a few “pages” of my e-book. I had freezing hands by the end, but this pause was priceless. And rare.

Walking back to work, briskly to warm myself up, I listened to Laura Marling. My head is full of things, so I haven’t been much into podcasts these past days, but music gives a good colour to my walks. I’ve also been listening to this album while working, even though my working alone time has been rare.

I bought another cookbook (!), with some nice suggestions for vegetarian recipes. I made the cabbage and carrot fritters last week and it was a great start!

I tried twitching my bread recipe to see if I could get the nice, round and tall loaves that I see on the internet, but I’m definitely doing something wrong because the bread flattens out a little. It’s still delicious, but there is more crust and less dough than I would like. If I have time at home, I would like to do some troubleshooting.

I finished reading Olive Kitteridge and started reading its sequel, Olive, again. I enjoyed the first one very much, and am enjoying the second one even more. I will write a little more about both when I’m done with the second one.

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