Snowshoeing in Sunnbüel

Sunnbüel is a very small mountain station located to the South end of the village of Kandersteg, in the Bernese Oberland. In the Summer, it is the starting point for the famous hike over the Gemmipass and down to Leukerbad, which I have never done. But it is also the starting or finishing point to some of my favourite hikes ever (the Gällihorn Hike and the Three Valleys hike are two examples), which I unfortunately have never written about. Maybe one day I will get some pictures from the archives…

Anyway, this time around we went up in the cable car for a winter walk. In the winter, Sunnbüel is also the departure point for snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, ski touring and some ice climbers also find their happy terrain in the frozen waterfalls in the surroundings.

When you get to the top of the cable car station, the indications for the snowshoeing are very clear. We chose a 4.7km loop that takes you down into the “arena”, crossing the cross-country skiing tracks. We, of course, took it easy and started the hike off by having lunch straight away and getting Toddler to walk a little before she took a nap in the backpack.

Straight after lunch, we realised that the snowshoes were unnecessary, and were actually bothering us. The snow was well packed and it was perfectly possible to hike with just our hiking showes. So we put them in our backpacks. Next times, we will study snow conditions better, because it’s not fun to have to carry extra weight, even for a small hike.

Just before the ascent to Daubensee lake, the loop turned back to take us to the cable car.

It’s a very easy, not at all challenging hike. It’s more like a passeio higiénico than actually a proper hike, but the scenery makes you believe otherwise. It’s quite worth it and, if you don’t have a Toddler to feed and carry, I think this corner of the mountains is definitely worth exploring, both in Summer and in Winter.

The hike on my Strava.

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