Week 4/2022

Because it’s Winter in Switzerland, many of my pictures have a lot of snow and mountains. However, we live in a place where there is no snow most of the time, nor mountains for that matter (except for the ones you can see from a distance) and these pictures don’t look at all like our daily life. This being said, we do try to make the most of the weekends, especially when the weather is inviting, and these easily become the highlights of our weeks that are mostly routine.

So, on Week 4 (which makes it two weeks ago – I’m running late on these weekly updates), we went up to Kandersteg for the weekend. We travelled up during the day, had a picnic and then went for a little sled-walk through the snowy walking paths in the Kandersteg valley.

Little parenthesis about our picnics when we’re out: because of Covid, but also because eating out in the Winter can be bothersome for many reasons (i.e., eating out with a Toddler approaching her nap time, mountain food doesn’t suit us at the moment for several reasons, many people, long waits, much more expensive,…), we pack our own lunch. We get to choose our food, the place where we eat and because now we mostly go out when the weather is good, there is always a spot in the sun to warm us up.

On our menu: hummus or baba ghanoush, vegetables (carrots, cucumber, radishes, …) cut into sticks in the moment with a Swiss knife (of course), and some bread (lebanese, pitta or homemade bread). Sometimes, when we are feeling indulgent, some tortilla chips or some pastries from the Portuguese bakery. At the end, always fruit and, of course, dark chocolate for everyone. We find this is a great combo because Toddler likes most of the things and she gets to choose what she eats. There are rarely any meltdowns during these picnics and we get to enjoy the warm sun and the scenery.

In Kandersteg, we slept where we always do – at Kandersteg International Scout Centre. One of my favourite things there is the breakfast, which has served mostly local produce for many years, such as yoghurt (the best!), milk, butter and cheese from the cheesery in the village and bread from the bakery.

On Sunday, we went for a little hike in Sunnbüel before heading home.

The rest of the week was another whopper with a lot of work, a sick toddler staying home for one of our work days and some extra-work work for me, which had me busy in the evenings.

I did, however, cook two things that I’d been craving. One was pancakes on the day Toddler was sick. The other was feijoada de lulas, a portuguese bean stew with squid (instead of the most common meat version).

Also, this particular week started off with a new resolution – to abandon the metro and to walk up to work from the train station instead. The walk is roughly over one mile, always uphill, with some stairs and slightly steeper sections. I always walk downhill, but walking uphill makes a lot of difference. I now read less on my commute, but I prefer the energy that I get from the walk.

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