Week 5/2022

“Snow outside, warm inside”

I am really quite late on my weekly roundups, but I am trying to catch up.

One more Sunday in the snow, this time with friends, for a walk in the mountains to the west of Lac Léman region. We ditched the snowshoes this time, because when the snow is packed we end up carrying them. There was a lot of sun, a nice picnic, lots of white to walk through and chat.

The hike was from La Givrine to la Cure. We left the car at La Cure and took the train to the starting point of the hike (obviously, Toddler’s favourite part).

It looks like we spend much time outdoors, playing and walking around in the snow, but in my posts there is a lot of focus on these oxygen bubbles that have been making us survive the challenging weeks we’ve been having, and they are only 1/7th of these. However, in our real life, there a lot of work, a significant amount of extra work which is done in the evenings, laundry to wash and fold, menus to plan and cook, kitchens to clean. Recently, the week has gone by so fast that I barely think about taking pictures of our daily life.

But it is in our daily life that we must strive to notice the beauty, no?

A few weeks ago, I went into a sports shop and without much thought, bought the most comfortable pair of waterproof, everyday walking shoes that I could find. It struck me, in the first times I wore them, that they looked a little bit like my grandmother’s walking shoes. But my old lady shoes have kept my feet comfortable and dry during my recently adopted uphill walking commute, which takes me through life in the city centre at different moments of the day. In the above picture, it’s Wednesday and the farmers and local producers are setting up the market stalls for the morning.

That particular week saw a lot of baking. I made an excessive amount of sourdough for pancakes and, refusing to through it away, I employed all of it. It yielded: sourdough pancakes for Saturday morning, bread for the week, tresse au beurre and pizza dough. It was a productive baking spree and the cool thing about sourdough breads is that they keep a long time, so we had bread for the whole week.

I also managed to finish Olive, Again.

2 thoughts on “Week 5/2022

  1. Oba! Pois. Acontece que a rotina é que é a vida a acontecer, que facto difícil de aceitar. Mas só é rotina porque sabemos que temos estas bolhas, não? Imagina, se não as houvesse, se não soubéssemos que existiam.


    1. Pois, claro! É mesmo isso. E que dentro da rotina há muitas coisas para pensar, para meter em prática, para resolver… nem todas elas são dignas de posts (sobretudo no que se refere ao trabalho, que tento manter fora deste espaço), mas às vezes acho que é preciso valorizá-las mais, justamente para as poder apreciar, mesmo quando contêm momentos difíceis.


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