Week 6/2022

One of the passages from Olive, Again that stuck with me was the admiration Olive shared with one of her friends for February light. That was on my mind last week, with the long sunsets still early in the evening, even though days are clearly getting longer.

The weather was beautiful this week, and there were plenty of occasions to go outdoors and play, much appreciated by all of us.

My pancake game is on! It was a very rare thing in our house until a few weeks ago, when I had a serious pancake craving. One of the reasons that seriously discouraged me from making pancakes was the time spent around the pan cooking them, and never getting the temperature quite right. But I suddenly remembered that we’d bought a crêpe machine when Toddler turned one – because crêpe parties are a thing here and we are definitely going to wear this appliance out in our near future as parents of a growing child. Anyway, that which makes crêpes also makes pancakes, and now I can actually think about making pancakes for breakfast without passing out from hunger and frustration in front of the stove!

We had our first fondue this season. It was a delicious mixture of 70% Vacherin Fribourgeois and 30% Gruyère, gifted to us by our neighbours. Toddler loved it; it was a delight to see how much she enjoyed eating it. I loved it too, but unfortunately I digested it very badly during the night and ended up quite sick the next day. I was especially disappointed because we’d planned another hike for that day.

We watched a film, though. The first one since Christmas! We watched Sangue do Meu Sangue, and I deeply enjoyed it, mostly because of the characters and how their lives were portrayed. The actual plot, and especially the twist at the end, felt just like a structure on which the character’s lives were supported so that they could show this slice of Portuguese society. We don’t live in it, but we can see it, imagine it, and in this film, they become quite real. Anyway, it was a good film to watch and I would like to watch more Portuguese cinema.

I picked up Stanley Tucci’s memoir Taste, which is easy for me to like because food memoirs are definitely my favourite genre and Tucci is quite funny. I’ve had less time to read because my commute has less public transport, now that I’m walking to work more. Choices…

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