Week 7/22

I’m playing catch with my weekly posts, but these last few weeks have been… whew! I’ve just realised that these pictures are from three weekends ago and asking myself what happened with time! This is why I am also sticking to the posts, because tracking them with memories makes me feel less out of control of how fast it flies.

The snowy pictures are from our weekend in Kandersteg, this time with the friends who were sick with covid last time and couldn’t come. They also have a Toddler, over a year older than ours, but they get along really well. Their mother is one of my oldest friends, which is a precious thing when you are an immigrant and sometimes worn out by the effort it takes to build a network of relationships in your new home and life. It felt like a weekend long playdate for everyone: the kids played together, the adults caught up on conversation, both Toddlers tried skiing for the first time, there were sled hikes and a very, very sunny picnic.

Mid-week, Toddler had some tummy troubles which took us for a paediatrician visit and an afternoon working from home. It was raining outside, so Toddler was all dressed up for her doctor’s visit. In the afternoon, I made pancakes.

With our pancake streak still going strong, I’ve been testing some pancake mixes. The favourite one, at the moment, is a recipe I’ve tweaked from oatmeal pancake recipes found on the internet. Here is the recipe, so that I don’t forget, but also in case anyone wants to try it. Warning: the pancakes are dense and moist, much to our liking. If you are aiming for a fluffy, light pancake, this might not be the recipe to try.

2 cups oats
2 eggs
1 cup natural yoghurt
1 cup almond milk
3 tbsp maple syrup
pinch of salt
1 tsp baking soda
Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. I use a blender to break down the oats a little before cooking. I use the crêpe party, but of course the pancakes can be made on a regular skillet. If you can stand up for that long without eating, of course.

A sick, tired, sleep deprived Toddler is a recipe for disaster. And this week was a great highlight in that matter. Toddler tantrums can be quite challenging for even the most patient parent. Not just one tantrum, which is easily bearable, but the accumulation of days, with long and frequent tantrums, where anything seems to be a spark for another meltdown – that can really wear you down. It’s tiring, frustrating, puzzling and you are often confronted with your own emotions and your own reactions, which are not always exemplary. However, when you give yourself time to ask questions, to troubleshoot, to try solutions, it can become an interesting exercice, in which you find out many things about yourself, but also about how to communicate and deal with other people. This was the theme of a podcast episode that R sent me, and that really resonated with me and the phase we are going through right now. I also get a lot of ideas from this book.

One thought on “Week 7/22

  1. Maravilha!! Fico sempre ansiosa pelos relatos semanais, mesmo que atrasados. Vou experimentar as panquecas, e adorei a imagem de fazer debugging a um toddler. Só imagino o desafio, mas vocês são um espetáculo 🙂


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