Week 8/2022

After a string of weekends in the snow, we finally spent a weekend at home with no big plans, except for a Sunday lunch with some friends. On Saturday, we did the usual chores: shopping, cooking, tidying up, and sort of Marie Kondo’ing Toddler’s clothes.

Also, what is it with Toddlers that when they get a chance to choose their clothes, they go for the cheesiest t-shirt in the closet – the one that sticks around so you can leave it in the change bag at crèche – with so much love that it’s impossible to refuse their choice?

At the end of the day (picture on top of this post), I went for a twilight walk in the forest and it felt so good I even jogged a little.

On Sunday, we made a Toddler very happy by going to our lunch with friends on train, bus and funiculaire, up to the top of Mont Pélerin.

The week started off with a huge meltdown from Toddler when she woke up, which I managed to diffuse in time for a big cuddle before leaving for work. I must say that, after all the tantrums from the previous week, the questioning, troubleshooting and reflection that came with them, diffusing this particular tantrum felt like a really big win and I went to work feeling proud of the three of us. The workday started off with a different walk than my usual commute-walk, taking me through another part of Lausanne and passing in front of the city library, which is in a building that fascinates me. I had a meeting, which ended up being a very interesting conversation with a fellow psychologist.

For the last half of the week, I went to Geneva for some training. I love learning, and haven’t been inside a classroom for a really long time. Learning something new for four days, and in Geneva, a city very dear to my heart, was a real treat for me. It was sunny and I bought myself special lunches every day, to eat in the park or in front of a museum, by myself. Something rare these days, and very appreciated!

The end of the week was tainted by the news of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Even if my training allowed me to focus on something else during the day, on the commutes and evenings, we were glued to the news and updates of the war. We feel quite helpless and shocked, but luckily fellow Europeans have been sharing a lot of information on how to help. It’s reassuring to see how the world is responding with solidarity and humanitarian help to the Ukrainian people, who have been displaying an admirable toughness and resilience. I’m a nullity on what concerns geopolitics, but I am quite attentive to patterns of human behaviour and the ones coming from the-one-who-must-not-be-mentioned have me worried sick about how this situation is going to pan out. I sincerely hope things will resolve soon, but it’s heartbreaking to see all the damage that has already been done and is irreparable.

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