Week 10/2022

Most plans for last weekend were cancelled because we suspected that Toddler had hand, foot and mouth disease. We then thought it was a false alarm and that she was having teething pain instead (and yes, toddlers still teethe at age 2), so on one of the days we still went sledding for half a day.

In the end, both diagnosis were true, but the most dramatic one was confirmed later in the week, with painful sores erupting all over her tongue and leaving the poor child unable to eat during two whole days. Ice cream, disgusting letter soup (the one that comes in a packed with powder) from the supermarket and cold yoghurt were the only things she was able to eat, and only two or three spoons at each meal. We tried everything. Even ice cream for breakfast. It was a tough one, this week. So when she finally swallowed a whole bowl of little pasta (massa pevide) with a big glug of olive oil during our picnic on the living room floor (another attempt to encourage her to try a few bites of this and that), you can bet it was the happiest moment of my week.

Earlier in the week, I made potato gratin with fridge leftovers (smoked salmon, spinach and leek). I sautéed the leek, roughly chopped the spinach, cooked slices of potatoes in 1L of milk. I used the cooking milk to make a béchamel (without the butter and with cornstarch). Then, layers: béchamel, potatoes, leek, spinach, salmon and dill, repeat once and finish with a layer of potatoes, béchamel and cheese on top (I use gruyère).

The picture isn’t great. I haven’t had much patience for photos lately, and this has been bugging me in the very back of my mind.

I also finished the Tucci book I was reading, and picked up Beautiful World, Where Are You, by Sally Rooney. This one shouldn’t take long to finish.

We are still keeping our routine of watching the news and accompanying the evolution of the ridiculous, heart-breaking war that is going on not so far from us.

Other than that… it was a busy week with some interesting challenges at work (been practising what I learned during the training week with some real patients). By the end of the week, however, I was wiped out.

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