Week 13/2022

Mid-week 12 and beginning of week 13, the sun came out, the temperatures rose and we had a little whiff of Spring. With the sun, came my dear friend Jo to spend some days with us, and how good they were.

When our friends visit us, we get to dedicate some quality time to them, in a sharp contrast to our holidays at home, where we rush around visiting everyone in a very short period of time. A bonus for visits is getting to interact with a relaxed Todder in her natural environment, delighted with all the attention she gets, instead of a tired and shy one who just wants to stick to mummy for comfort.

In the first day, we took the train to Lutry to play in the playground next to the lake. The sunshine was glorious, we held a little picnic, followed by the first ice-cream of the season, which might or might not have been the main reason for choosing Lutry.

On the second day, I took the day off, we took Toddler to the crèche and headed off to a little hike in the surrounding mountains. Again, glorious day, great company and one of my favourite things on hikes: a cheese and ham sandwich with good ingredients. The best sandwiches I have eaten on hikes are with this lady, and this one went directly to the top of the best sandwich-memories. Even though it was sunny, it was still Winter season and we got to hike on a path that is not normally marked during the Summer. It was a small hike, but with nice views to the Dent de Vaulion and, theoretically, to a panoramic view of the Alps (which we couldn’t see because it was too bright).

For the weekend, we booked a little raccard in a very small village in Valais called Trétien. The initial idea was to go snowshoeing, but there was no snow in the valley anymore and Toddler was sick and needing her nap. So we did what we could: we explored the village, caught the train to the next village and hiked back for the nap. And then we read in the sun to warm ourselves up.

The day ended with a traditional raclette, with some very good cheese from a cheesemonger in Geneva. The next day, we tried to do some sledding, but Toddler turned out to be so sick that she didn’t want to sled or even eat… so we took her to the hospital and ended up staying there for the night!

So, for the rest of the week, there is little to talk about, except for everything to do with asthmatic bronchitis crises in toddlers and nursing them back to health.

However, the weekend was great up until that point, and Jo’s visit so very wonderful for all of us!

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