Chemin des Narcisses


Even though in Switzerland lockdown was quite soft and we were still allowed to do many things such as outdoor activities, we definitely didn’t take our privileges for granted and tried to be as respectful of the situation as we possibly could. This meant we didn’t take any risks that could land us in hospital when it was under pressure, such as driving unless it was strictly necessary, among many other things.

When the confinement measures began to lift, it was May. The weather was glorious and we were itching to finally go on a hike somewhere beyond our neighbourhood. We’d just bought a baby carrier and we were eager to take baby O. on her first hike.

Before baby, when we chose our hikes, we looked for challenging hikes that would take us deep into the mountain landscapes. With a baby, I didn’t really know what to expect and my fitness level is not the same as before. Also, I would be the one carrying the baby, because dad couldn’t come with us, so we chose a very easy hike to start off.

Chemin des Narcisses is a very popular hike for families. It is quite short, there aren’t many steep uphill climbs (just a small one in the beginning, which you can replace with a funicular ride – but we didn’t think it was necessary), and very beautiful views of Lac Léman and the Dents du Midi.


On our way down from Belvédère du Cubly, there are several fields covered in white narcissi. They are beautiful to look at, but with a baby on my back, I couldn’t bend over so much to take pictures I could of them.


Our first hike with a baby was very leisurely. My sister was with us, so I didn’t have to carry all the material.

Some things I figured out on this first hike:

  • It is nice to try to leave the house during the baby’s morning nap, so she can sleep in the car;
  • It’s important to remember that the baby has a feeding schedule and you have to plan the hike around that;
  • Having a rug in the car or in your backpack is practical for some stops in which the baby can move around a little (crawl, stand up, stretch the legs). After 1 or 2h sitting in the same position, they can become restless;
  • Bring warmer clothes than you have for yourself. You’re hiking, but the baby is always sitting, so they will surely feel colder than you, especially in the shade.

All in all, it was a lovely first hike. Baby O. was really happy to be out and about. She seems to like the babycarrier and the view from up above our heads. She smiles and chats a lot, and appears to be really comfortable napping with her head on the pillow in the baby carrier.

I am really happy to live in this beautiful country, in which we can find hiking paths and scenery matching whichever periods of our lives we’re at.

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