This week 1/2022

Hello, first week of the New Year!

On the first day of the New Year, we went for a morning walk with my grandfather, who is 91 years old. He walks very slowly, people recognise him on the street, he gets his newspaper, he walks back home and makes comments on things he remembers along the way. It has been the same routine for years and it’s a nice one to join him on. Especially when it’s sunny and it hasn’t been so for two weeks.

Last days of the holidays were spent being with people, doing some last minute baking, eating things we don’t eat all year, such as octopus and arroz de cabidela. It strikes me how much Toddler is a fan of traditional portuguese foods that we don’t especially make at home. There must be something in the genetic code, no? We packed some of the bread I made for the trip back to Switzerland and we might have even taken some of the leftover chicken to eat on the plane. And cheese and olives. Um farnel à tuga. And guess who ate it with delight during the flight?

And then – BAM! Back to work, back to crèche, back to normal life with some sun on the day off to go to the park and a disastrous amount of laundry to deal with, but a very willing toddler to help.

The first week of January in this house is also the time for Galette des Rois and it has been our tradition to eat this for many many years, a little wink to a story of when we first met. We have kept the tradition this year, but with moderate consumption, because of a cholesterol issue that came up during the holidays for one of us. Which means we have been doing some research on how to improve cholesterol levels through changes in diet and, even though we already eat quite healthily (except for cheese, chocolate and butter), we have been trying to include more of these in our menu planning.

The New Year is always a good time to reflect on our goals, but jumping straight back into reality meant no time to make lists or even have time to think about goals. I did order a new agenda (that still hasn’t arrived!), I challenged myself to a few nights a week doing yoga instead of sinking on the couch doing nothing productive, and I’ve been reading a little every day. I got a brand new Kobo reader back from the guarantee, and I am back to reading the book I left half-finished when it broke. Consistency in keeping active and reading might be my only goals, if I manage to keep myself from making a longer list. Maybe this year I need to keep it simple.

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