running log #13

This weekends challenge was a trail planned by me. Switzerland has an emormous network of hiking trails, most of which are runnable, so I chose a sweet 13km trail not far away, with enough ascent (600+) for it to be slightly challenging for me and for my friend B’s first trail experience.

We headed from the village of Vallorbe, near the border with France. We climbed up through the road, and missed the turn into the parcours vita. This meant we had to hike up the road for a while. B was surprised with how little running we could do on the ascent. On the flatter parts that I tried to run, I felt my thighs seizing up, so I took it down a notched and focused on hiking.

Near the French border, we go back into mountain trails and it was much nicer. Mont d’Or, our aim, was actually just about 1km into France.

2018-06-10 11763289678..jpg

We got to the top, and enjoyed the view into the Swiss plateau. There was even a rainbow and lightning. The weather was hot. We were to busy enjoying the scenery to care.

On our way down, we let go into the descent, using our muscle strength to support the impact of the speed and weight on our joints. When the path levelled a little, we could feel our knees and thighs wobbly. This is when you run the risk of getting injured. As you are tired, you have less balance and can easily trip on a stone or a root and fall. And fall I did, twice.

It was a good session and this idea of running the easy hikes around the area pleases me a lot.

  • Pain: 5/10
  • Number of times I thought “is this over yet”: 0
  • Fatigue: 6/10
  • Scenery: 7/10
  • Challenge: 6/10

(My watch doesn’t seem to have a great GPS. For this reason, on the way up, it started tracking the route halfway through and only recorded a quarter of the ascent!)

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