one second every day – december 2018

Aaaand, finally, here is December!

December started off… cold. I felt tired the whole month, so running was kept to a minimum. I managed to keep up at least once a week, which was just about enough to balance out all the cheese eating that took place in the first two weeks.

Z and I won the most unexpected prize: a prize at the running club! At the club’s annual fondue, they elect 6 women and 6 men that stood out for the most varied reasons during the year and we both got a trophy! It was a really wonderful evening, and we had a lot of love from our running friends. I first signed up for the club to motivate myself to run while meeting new people in my new city, and getting this prize really felt like this was beyond achieved.

I went to the marché de Noël for a mulled wine with my colleague and we both got ourselves a bullet journal for 2019.

Then, it was my birthday. One of the most hectic birthdays I have ever had. I worked 150% all day, and in the end I went running. However, I did have 5 mins to share the delicious chocolate heart that my boss got for me with my office mates.

In the same week, there were two work Christmas dinners two days in a row and, on the third day, I ran the tough, hilly Christmas run in Lausanne. Let’s just say: party hard, work hard.

I went to the movies by myself, took the cat to the vet to get his shots and spent the last two working days on my own, while Z headed to Portugal. I went running one morning before work because I was tired of running at night.

Then, I flew to Portugal for Christmas: meeting friends, family, running with Jo in my home town, catching up with my old scouts, getting a hair cut while my forever-hairdresser’s grandson brought her a birthday cake in the salon… Christmas time is basically family and community.

Finally, coming back to Switzerland to eat oysters for my delayed birthday tradition and hitting the slopes on the last day of the year, as it is now becoming tradition too.

That’s a wrap for 2018!


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