This week [08.10-14.10]

My plan is to write my weekly roundups from Thursday to Thursday. Thursday is my day off – from work – I have The Toddler all day. I am, of course, overly optimist about the amount of stuff that I will get done during her naptime: cleaning the kitchen, taking care of the laundry, admin, reading, sorting out pictures, writing. Most of the time, if I get to take care of numbers 1-3, I am lucky. This week, though, we planned the whole day out of the house. No cleaning, no laundry – I was dreaming of a quiet after-lunch read in the park, soaking up the sun… but alas, I was rewarded with a 30-min nap instead of the usual 2h. So no reading, no writing and here I am writing this on a Sunday.

We went to the parent-child gym we usually go to in the mornings. We’ve been doing it since she was just a few months, and it’s always been very adapted to her age/motricity level, her level of interest and of interaction. Notably, these last few weeks she’s been showing a special enjoyment and engagement with the activities, gestures, the monitrice and, especially, the other kids, about whom she talks at home. During this Thursday’s session, she jumped off a step on her own for the first time. Jumping is one of her favourite things these days.

I have been struggling to get back into a running rhythm after the holidays and a few health bumps that slowed me down. Last weekend, after a cooking spree, I went for my minimum-service 5k run, with Toddler and Dad keeping me company on the bike. Like this, I really don’t care about time, speed or distance; running is just the motion you go through while having a nice family moment. We saw the cows, the fields, the sun setting in the hills.

The next day, we went to cheer for Dad, who ran the Trail de la Vallée de Joux. We ate takeaway lasagne on the grass near the finish line, cheered for the runners passing by, and Toddler accompanied Dad in the last meters until the finish line. I must admit that one part of me wants to keep running so that I can do that too. Also, I miss the trails and the races. But I definitely need to run more than 5k a week.

I have not done much cooking with last weeks pumpkins yet. I did use half a butternut squash in a vegetable pot pie based on this recipe, with leek, cauliflower, white beans, red and yellow peppers and a bunch of green beans. The Toddler did not especially like it. She preferred the spaghetti with chicken, carrots and peas I made later in the week and that M. said was portuguese mum food… because it is. I never made that before becoming a mother. Sometimes, I think there must be something in the genes, because we eat hugely varied menus at home, but any kind of typical portuguese homecooking, including feijoada, arroz de cabidela, grilled octopus or codfish, will have The Toddler asking for seconds and thirds.

This week, we had a babysitter over for the first evening since The Toddler was born. We went to a concert in a local association that has a jazz programme. We were surprised find ourselves amidst a much, much older public – we were definitely outliers – which we didn’t mind, since being young outliers is something that happens to us less and less… almost never, let’s be honest. Anyway, the concert was fun, the drummer used a martelinho de S. João in one of the songs, which was hilarious, and we will definitely go back for some more concerts.

Reading was a rare event this week, with me falling asleep a few times over my book just before bed. I did start watching Scenes from a Marriage, after reading interesting reviews on it. It’s in line with my attraction to complex human emotions. I have only seen the first episode, but I am looking forward to watching one or two more this week, and also getting on with some knitting.

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