Taste: My life through food [Stanley Tucci, 2021]

I picked up this book because I’m a real sucker for food memoirs. As I have a terrible face memory, I didn’t even really know who Tucci was, even if he stars in Julie & Julia. It was an easy read, and that’s probably why I got to the end of it. Despite my expectations and the raving reviews the book gets, I was quite disappointed. I found the stories were disconnected, the timeline is not at all clear, there is a lot of name dropping – even though he teases himself, assuming it – but still, it becomes annoying at some point. I felt there were also many gaps in the stories, which could have been explored in a deeper way (form example, his struggles to become to become an actor), but instead he fills up the stories with many details and side comments that make everything superfluous. Despite all that, it has some really funny passages, some interesting recipes, and it’s always a joy to read about how a person’s life and culture are intertwined with food.

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