one second every day – september 2018

In September, we carried on running in the mountains as much as we could. I went a little slower, because I was having some health issues. Now that I’m looking back at these videos, it seems pretty evident that I pushed my body a little bit over what it was used to and quite obviously those health issues were due to lack of recovery.

Lesson learned, I still managed to “hike” the Trail des Dents du Midi while Z was running it, and it was just stunning. We spent a wonderful weekend running and hiking, sleeping in mountain huts and just enjoying the mountain.

I had some interesting episodes at work: dinner with my colleagues, a presentation in French for my whole service, watching a presentation that reminded me how important it is to know to be able to criticise.

I went to a workshop on travel logs and it was inspiring. Our bio veggie basket started coming regularly and we love it. We went to a wedding in France and it was a whole load of fun.

September ended the running season in the Alps for us, with a trail run up a mountain at the end of the day, just in time to catch the sun setting behind the mountains in front of us. It was magical!



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